We hope to see the people of Corsicana and the surrounding area become followers of Jesus Christ who demonstrate unconditional love for others and unconditional obedience to His call upon their lives. This process works better when you are part of a small group. We encourage you to connect with a small group and find your place.

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RightNow Media

RightNow Media. A wonderful library of video resources for all ages that inspires faith every day of the week. We offer this service at no charge to all members and guests. If you don’t already have an account, you can get one now.

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Topics: Parenting, Marriage, Christian Living, Finances, Bible Study, Doctrine.

What does God think when he looks at us? We may think God is fed up with our failures and wants nothing to do with us. We may think he is disappointed in us or that he might love us more if we worked harder. But according to Jesus, God doesn’t think like that at all. The truth about God’s heart for sinners may surprise us and will certainly change our lives.

Join pastor David Marvin in this three-session series as he walks through the parable of the prodigal son to remind us that God is our loving Father. The message of Jesus’s famous parable is good news for all of us—rebels and religious people alike. No matter our history, God loves all of us and welcomes us into a relationship with him.


Bible Commentaries.
Browse a library of free online commentaries.

Parallel Bible.
Compare side by side two separate translations.

Lumina Bible Study Suite.
A web-based application that lets you dig into God’s Word.

Greek Interlinear.
Examine the Greek words that lie behind our English translations.

Bible Questions Answered.
Got Questions? The Bible has answers.


Daily Devotions @ Bible Hub
Read scriptures and devotions daily.

Wednesday Word.
Weekly devotion by Paul Tripp.

Social Connection

The Art of Neighboring.
A resource toolkit to help you love your neighbor while still practicing social distancing.

Zoom is an enterprise video conferencing application with real-time messaging and content sharing.

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Discipleship Posts

We are committed to helping believers
develop a HEART for Christ leading them to…

Honor God with praise and adoration. (worship)

Encourage others. (fellowship)

Advance in spiritual maturity. (discipleship)

Recognize the needs of others. (service)

Tell others about Jesus Christ. (evangelism)