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Develop Strong Convictions

By admin


This post is designed to help those participating in a BSFL study at First Baptist Corsicana. Each week you can review and reflect on the lesson. The class is jointly taught by Aimee Kasprzyk and Jeff Fitzhugh. If you are in our area, we invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:45am.

This week we begin a six-session unit. The unit is called Staying True in a World Far from God. The lessons for this unit will come out of the book of Daniel. You can read the passage in Daniel 1.

Daniel arrived in 605 BC as part of King Nebuchadnezzar’s first deportation of Jewish citizens. He wrote to encourage believers of his own generation and future generations. Read and review this passage several times and reflect on parts that catch your attention.

What are some ways we might feel like strangers in this world?

Here are some principles we might pick up from the passage:

  • Believers can live with integrity even when tempted to compromise.
  • There will be times when we must choose between pleasing God and pleasing men. In such times, we should choose to serve God rather than men.
  • Holiness does not happen by chance. Sanctification is God’s work brought about in and through men and women who, in dependence on His Spirit, diligently strive to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the king’s food, or with the wine that he drank.

Daniel 1:8


  • In your journey of holiness what are some things you have resolved?
  • Where might we be challenged to compromise on our convictions?
  • How can we encourage each other to remain faithful?
  • How did God reward the faithfulness of Daniel and his friends?