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Adult Bible Study

Sunday at 9:45 am.

We invite you to join a small group Bible study. Our small groups are a fantastic way to study God’s Word and encourage one another through prayer and fellowship.

Payne Class | E318
20-50s (Singles & Couples)

Hispanic Men | E320
20-60s (Spanish)

Hispanic Women | E112
20-60s (Spanish)

Fitzhugh & Kasprzyk Class | E301
30-70s (Singles & Couples)

Blankenship Class | E304
30-60s (Singles & Couples)

Murray Class | E308
40-60s (Singles & Couples)

Gage Class | E322C
50-70s (Singles & Couples)

Castator Class | E322D
50-70s (Singles & Couples)

Smith Class | A101
50-70s (Women)

Adams Class | A102
60-80s (Singles & Couples)

Clark Class | Choir Rm
60-90s (Singles & Couples)

Bigler & Price Class | A103C
70-80s (Women)

Heard & Blackman Class | A103A
70-80s (Men)

Huffman Class | Offsite
70-90s (Women)

BYKOTA Class | A105
70-90s (Women)

Ingham Class | A105
70-90s (Men)

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