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Reunion Locations


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Class Meeting Locations

Will my Class meet in the same location?

Most of our Bible study classes will meet in their usual location. To maintain social distancing, there will be a few exceptions. To find your classroom location, check the table below or contact Jeff Fitzhugh in case of TBD.

Changes from normal location are in bold.

Adult 1Michelle PurifoyEduc 323SUN9:45 AM
Adult 1Seth WatsonFLC 101SUN9:45 AM
Adult 2Jason PayneEduc 325SUN9:45 AM
Adult 2Josh WallenEduc 321SUN9:45 AM
Adult 3Aimee KasprzykEduc 302SUN9:45 AM
Adult 3Jeff FitzhughEduc 301SUN9:45 AM
Adult 3Marla WoolseyEduc 308SUN9:45 AM
Adult 3Paula StewartAud 101SUN9:45 AM
Adult 3Rick ReedEduc 308SUN9:45 AM
Adult 4Mike GageFHSUN9:45 AM
Adult 4Monica CastatorFH ParlorSUN9:45 AM
HispanicHector FloresEduc 304SUN9:45 AM
HispanicJohn GreenmanEduc 312SUN9:45 AM
Senior 1Peggy SmithAud 103SUN9:45 AM
Senior 1Seth AdamsAud 102SUN9:45 AM
Senior 2Carolyn PriceAud 301SUN9:45 AM
Senior 2Debbie BiglerAud 301SUN9:45 AM
Senior 2Jack SmithAud 104SUN9:45 AM
Senior 2Truett LewisChoir RmSUN9:45 AM
Senior 2Wayne BlackmanAud 104SUN9:45 AM
Senior 3Barbara PhillipsAud 105SUN9:45 AM
Senior 3Jon Ed InghamAud 105SUN9:45 AM
Senior 3Kathy HuffmanHomeSUN9:45 AM
Senior 3Sharon GoodmanAud 105SUN9:45 AM

Our Theme…

The UNIFYING TRUTH is accepting & believing that Jesus is Lord.

Once we choose Christ, we are connected with the filling of a UNIFYING SPIRIT.

This empowering of the Holy Spirit fills us with a passion brought on by a UNIFYING DEVOTION.

This devotion opens us to discovering a UNIFYING ROLE to be used in the diverse ministry of the church.

And when we do that effectively, we are then able to achieve a UNIFYING CALL to missions both local & around the world.

And it’s when we see God working in us and through us that we respond with a life of UNIFYING CELEBRATION!

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