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Edge Recap—Sept 28, 2017

By admin


Hey parents! It’s Logan and I just wanted to let you know that I am going to begin posting weekly recaps of what we talk about on Wednesday nights so that you know what your kids are learning. I am doing this also with the intention to challenge you to use this with your kids to help begin conversation about deeper things with the intention of getting deeper with them in their faith and creating dialogue between you and your children about spiritual things.

Last night was our second night of our sermon series titled “The Upside Down Kingdom“. It is the series directly following our “live like Jesus” series. Last night we talked about how the earthly kingdom and the heavenly kingdom differ when it comes to greatness.

How do you become great in this world?

You work hard, you do anything you have to do to get to the top, you be the best at all costs.

How do you become great in the Upside down Kingdom?

You freely receive grace, you go out of your way to be a servant and you seek to become less.
The earthly kingdom thrives on pride and selfishness, Gods Kingdom thrives on humility and selflessness.

These are some difficult ideas to grasp and understand but Gods Kingdom is the opposite of ours, it works completely different and that is scary. We read through Matthew 20:20-28 where Jesus’ disciples James and John came to Jesus with their mother and said “Jesus grant that we would sit at your right and left hand in your kingdom.” That is an extremely selfish and prideful request. They are saying that out of ALL the people that have EVER lived, on earth then, now and already in heaven, THEY deserved the honor at the right and left hand of Jesus. Can’t get much more prideful than that. Then Jesus humbled them and said “the rulers of the world lord their power over others but not you, no no no if you want to become great then be a servant, if you want to be first, be a slave.” Wait WHAT?! Be a servant and a slave?! That sounds crazy yet it is directly in step with the upside down kingdom. “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” THAT is how we become great in the upside down kingdom, we love, we serve and we become slaves to Jesus as we surrender to Him and His plan for our lives.

So as you hang out with your kids and spend time with them this week discuss this with them. If you want, use these questions as a guide line to work into conversation or bring up with them. I know that may sound difficult but your children want to have deep discussions with you even if they do roll their eyes. I am not their primary faith coach, YOU are.

1. What did you learn at the edge this week? How do you think we become great in Gods eyes?

2. What’s a good way that we can serve others this week?

3. How can we practice humility in our lives this week?

So there ya go parents! I love you guys

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