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Weekly Prayer Focus (34)


By Rebecca Clopp


God’s presence is our joy, security, and salvation. God is praised as the defender of Jerusalem; the holy city of the Jews. God is also our defender and guide forever.( Life Application Study Bible) READ PSALM 48 AND PRAY


Trusting in your worldly possessions is a waste of time!You cannot take your treasured possessions with you when you die. The only thing that will last is your relationship with Jesus Christ. ( Life Application Study Bible) READ PSALM 49 AND LET THE VOICE OF GOD SPEAK TO YOUR HEART.


As you read the scripture, ask yourself, am I living  in true faith to The Lord or just participating in church activities to check off religious activities. God desires sincere thanks, trust, praise and obedience. God wants righteousness, not empty ritual.(Life Application Study Bible) READ PSALM 50 AND HAVE A SINCERE MOMENT WITH GOD!


God wants our hearts to be right with Him. READ and CONTEMPLATE  PSALM 51. Ask the Lord to forgive you of sin. (Name it !) Now you can be of use to the Lord.