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VBS Prayer Guide 2020

By admin

Event, Kids, Prayer

May 4 // Thank God for providing all we need to abound in His good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8

May 5 // Ask God to give discernment to all churches planning VBS this summer in the light of COVID-19

May 6 // Thank God for giving us life in Jesus’ name/ John 20:31

May 7 // Ask God to give discernment to all churches in Navarro County planning VBS for this summer in light of COVID-19.

May 8 // Ask God to give discernment to our church VBS Dream team as they plan for VBS this summer in light of COVD-19.

May 9 // Thank God in advance for the blessings and opportunities He will provide through VBS.

May 10 // Ask God to protect our community and leaders as we re-open back up.

May 11 // Thank God for sending Jesus to do His will. Ask that God will help kids and leaders to do God’s will in their lives. John 6:38

May 12 // Ask God to give creativity to our leaders as we plan a VBS in light of COVID-19

May 13 // Thank God for the ways he already led our team in preparing for VBS this summer.

May 14 // Ask for physical safety for those who will participate in VBS this summer.

May 15 // Pray for our volunteer recruitment efforts. We know many of our volunteers fall into the high-risk category and may not be able to serve.

May 16 // Ask God to give our leadership ideas for recruiting volunteers under limited interactions.

May 17 // Ask God to help everyone serving in VBS to do everything with kindness and love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

May 18 // Pray for leadership team to have discernment as new information has been given out by government officials.

May 19 // Thank God for His gift of eternal life and for the children who will receive that gift at VBS. Romans 6:23

May 20 // Pray that relationships are built with the kids and the gospel is shared with them.

May 21 // Thank God for proving that Jesus is His Son and allowing us to have recorded proof of that. John 1:34

May 22 // Pray for students and adults who may be attending VBS. Ask God to open their hearts to hear His Word in a fresh and new way.

May 23 // Ask God to provide us with an abundance of Volunteers for whatever style of VBS happens.

May 24 // Ask God to help kids believe in His Son and in Him. John 14:1

May 25 // Pray our leadership team to have creativity in advertising VBS.

May 26 // Ask God to help kids know that Jesus is the only way to everlasting life. John 14:6

May 27 // Pray that children will continue to increase in wisdom concerning God’s Word. Luke 2:52

May 28 // Thank God for all He has done and will continue to do through our church’s VBS.

May 29 // Pray for our leadership team in making decisions about how to best and safely share the gospel with kids in Navarro county this summer.

May 30 // Pray for parents’ willingness for their kids to participate in VBS.  

May 31 // Ask God to provide all the resources necessary for whatever platform is necessary for VBS this year.

We will update with more prayer prompts as decisions are made for VBS for summer of 2020.