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Tenebrae Home Edition Online

By admin


1. First, Open in prayer: invite God to meet you in this space and guide you to remember the death of His Son, Jesus.

2. Read Isaiah 53:3-9 The Prophecy

3. Read Matthew 26:17-30 The Passover Meal

4. Listen to Behold the Lamb by Passion

5. Read Mark 14:32-42 Jesus prays in Gethsemane

6. Extinguish Candle 1

7. Read John 18: 1-11 Jesus’ arrest

8. Listen to How Deep the Father’s Love for us by Selah

9. Read John 18:15-27 Peter denies Jesus

10. Extinguish Candle 2

11. Read John 18:28-40 Jesus before Pilate

12. Listen to Out of Hiding by Steffany Gretzinger’s

13. Read John 19:1-16 Jesus sentenced to be crucified

14. Extinguish Candle 3

15. Read John 19:17-28; Mark 15:33-37; John 19:30; Mark 15:38 Jesus crucified

16. Listen to When I Survey the Wondrous Cross by Kathryn Scott

17. Read John 19:31-37 The death of Jesus

18. Extinguish candle 4

19. Read John 19:38-42 Jesus’ burial

20. Listen to Were you There by Selah

21. Read Romans 5:6-8 on Peace and hope

22. Extinguish Candle 5

23. Sit quietly for 30-60 seconds

24. Close in prayer: thank God for sending his Son to die on the cross for us. Ask God to help us remember how His Son suffered as we look forward to celebrating His resurrection on Sunday.