At First Baptist we have six standing committees. That sounds like a lot, but in years past we had many more. Committee members serve a three-year term and then rotate off for at least a year. There’s a limit to the number of people who can serve on a committee at any given time.

Here are some requirements to serve on a committee:

  1. you are a member of the church,
  2. you have been nominated by (it’s true) a Committee on Committees, and
  3. you get elected in the December Church Conference.

We have listed below the six standing committees in the church as well as a description about what they do.

Articles of Incorporation Church Constitution Church Bylaws (v1.4) Committee General Rules Duties of Church Committees (1958)

Standing Committees

Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees is charged by the church to name those persons who serve on the various standing committees of the church. Any vacancies that may occur on any standing committee during the year may be filled by the action of this committee and brought to the church for approval.


The Finance Committee is charged with the responsibilities of developing financial policies and procedures, preparing an annual budget, reporting receipts and expenditures, reviewing expenditures not included in the budget, investment of reserve funds, recommending a program of voucher control, and establishing a system for posting and recording contributions.


The Missions Committee is charged by the church to manage monies that are designated for mission causes. The committee will work alongside the Pastor to make recommendations to the church for the investment of these monies for mission trips and for mission work in Navarro County, in Texas, and around the world.


The Personnel Committee is charged with the responsibilities of assisting the church in matters related to personnel administration and management, recommending to the church all professional staff members except the Pastor, placement of all non-professional staff, recommending salaries to the Budget Committee, regularly reviewing salaries and benefits, providing job descriptions for salaried employees, pulpit supply if the Church is without a pastor, and working with additional members of the church-at-large to form a Search Committee for professional staff (except Pastor).


The Properties Committee is charged with the responsibility of assisting the church in matters related to property maintenance, including working with the Personnel Committee in the employment of maintenance personnel, inspection, and inventorying of church property, securing needed repairs, developing a program of preventative maintenance and safety measures (including accident prevention and fire prevention), and recommending funding to carry out these responsibilities.


The Transporation Committee is given direct control of all church-owned vehicles. They will recommend policies to the Church concerning their use. They will ensure the church-owned vehicles receive regular maintenance. They will recommend to the Church all purchases and disposition of church vehicles. They shall make recommendations to the Finance/Budget Committee for funds to carry out these responsibilities.