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IMB Prayer Requests

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  • (WAH-soo-loo) – Since 2008, Wassulu workers have shared prayer requests for the Malian village of "Sparta." As believers prayed, God has worked to reveal Himself to the Wassulu of "Sparta" over the past 16 years while also building trust between the villagers and the Wassulu workers. During a recent team visit, the oldest reported woman in the village, Kathy, expressed her understanding of the gospel and her desire to become a follower of Christ. Rejoice and praise the Lord along with those who work among the Wassulu in this news of Kathy's salvation! Pray today that in the days she […]
  • Mina boldly tells Bibles stories in her village marketplace. She also takes the opportunity to share at the local clinic. Praise the Lord for her willingness to talk about the good news with her fellow villagers! Pray for her to continue to speak and not be hindered. Pray that she will find people who are open to hearing the stories that she has to share. Pray that those who hear will want to study more. As she speaks God's Word to them, pray that her own faith will be deepened. Ask that many in her village will believe. "So faith […]
  • (suh-POHR-oh) – As the snow melts and temperatures warm, signs of new life are springing up everywhere! Schools have started a new school year, and new goals for the church year have been decided. The English club at Hokusei University has already met three times, and students are coming to try out the conversation times. Pray for these students to continue to make time in their schedules to come and interact with team members weekly. Pray for opportunities for team members to interact with their children's kindergarten and elementary school parents. The beginning of a new school year offers parents […]
  • A Brazilian home missionary couple has new missionaries on their team! Two women arrived in April to serve for two years in an area where a new church is forming. Please pray for the couple, as this is their first time to supervise other missionaries. Pray that these two new team members will adapt well to living in a new part of Brazil. Also pray for the church that is forming in that small town.
  • The first several months of 2024 have seen some large evangelism trainings. Pray for the more than 300 people who have heard the gospel, and ask that the good news of Jesus Christ will continue to resonate in their hearts and that His Spirit will be at work to open their eyes. Pray also for the follow-up, asking that the churches that participated will be faithful and bold to continue sharing truth from God's Word with those who have heard. Pray that the believers who led the trainings will be able to encourage the churches well and support them as […]
  • (DER-bun) – Missionaries Gregg and Donna Fort of Durban, South Africa, report that they have been thrilled by the participation and discussions of their lively "Experiencing God" group. "Our small group ranges in age from 19 to over 80! How special it is to fellowship with four generations of people who are seeking God through this study. Pray that each one will continue to grow in their relationship with God and be 'filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: […]
  • Worker Madeline Hawthorne shares: "We have been busy with college-age volunteers who joined our work in Southeast Asia during their spring break. It was so fun to see the city through their eyes! It filled our hearts, watching them encourage our Deaf college group to seek the Lord's face and to be obedient to Him, even though they are young. It was exciting to see how the college group responded to seeing their American 'peers' go and serve, realizing that they can go, too. Pray for other volunteers who will serve this spring and summer. We still need people of […]
  • Tajikistan is a mountainous country of almost 10 million people and is made up predominately of rural communities. It remains one of the poorest Central Asian countries. Due to seasonal work, migrant workers leaving Tajikistan make up almost one-third of the working population. Most of these are men aged 18-40, with many leaving behind wives and young children, although in the past few years, the number of younger women becoming migrant workers has increased. Largely because of the economic prospects at home, many young people are doing almost everything they can to move to Europe or North America for work […]
  • Satawal Island is part of Micronesia. About 550 people live on this island that is half a square mile. In 2019, they received New Testament Bibles in their language for the first time. Please pray for the Satawalese people. May God use His Word and the witness of believers to call many to Himself.