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Weekly Prayer Focus: April 13, 2020


By Rebecca Clopp

1. Don’t lose heart in doing good! Submit to the mighty hand of our Lord and Savior. :: Romans 13:11-14

2. Pray for the needs of others. Show the love of Christ through your actions. :: John 13:35       

3. GOD alone is our source of help and provision, not the government. Praying for the Holy Spirit to move in His children. :: Psalm 63:1

4. Pray for revival! Pray for the lost! Holy Spirit guide us all in truth and righteousness. :: Luke 24:46-47

5. Give thanks to the Lord! Praise His Holy Name! Let your Joy overflow each day with gratitude. Spend time in Prayer. :: Luke 24:52-53

6. Pray for our President and all those who are in authority. Pray for protection, wisdom, and discernment. :: 1 Timothy 2:1-4

7. Revelation 1:4-6

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