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Pastor’s Update: Prayer March

By admin

Pastor's Update

Dear FBC Family,

We continue to march along in our GREAT REUNION!  Week #2 is behind us!   We were reminded that once we declare Jesus as Lord, then it is time for us to relinquish control to the HOLY SPIRIT!  I hope you have been doing that this week…

1) Now, before I go one step forward, I want to be honest with you and say that I was disappointed in our attendance last Sunday.  We started off with great joy and tremendous attendance in Week #1.  This last week could have been so much more. Will you please commit to being here for each of these exciting 6 weeks?  I know God won’t be allowed to do all He desires in this “re-start” unless we participate fully. Please fight to be here every Sunday and commit to be in your place as a member of this body.  Thank you and I love you!  

Let’s bring ourselves up to speed:

  • UNIFYING DEVOTION – Ashley will lead out this week (In English) as we discuss our devotion to God and our passion for God.  Logan will head to our Hispanic Fellowship to speak of the UNIFYING SPIRIT.
  • Bible Studies – We have worked hard to make sure there is a class for everyone AND that everyone has gotten the time slot and location they requested!  If you haven’t been in one of our Bible Fellowships, this is your time!  We are asking everyone to begin again in 1 small group 1 time each week.
  • Bottle Cap Alley Events
    • Our event for the Corsicana Police Department had to be postponed due to an inability of our officers to attend.  Be watching for details as we work to reschedule.
    • This will not stop this coming Monday’s event for the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office & State Troopers.  We will honor, support, and pray over these cherished members of our community this Monday at 7:30 pm at Bottle Cap Alley.
  • Flowers for ALL Corsicana Nursing Home Residents – Thank you so much to EVERY person who assisted in prepping flowers and delivering cards & carnations to every nursing home resident in Corsicana!  Well done, Church!!  We have received glowing responses from these residents!
  • Prayer March – This Saturday, Sept. 26, we will join together for a Prayer March that begins in our front parking lot at 11 am.  We will proceed to several downtown churches and the Navarro County Courthouse before arriving back at FBC.  (Buses will transport those who need assistance.)  Come be a part of this public effort for the Lord Jesus!
  • Sunday Evening Prayer Focus – Don’t forget…This Sunday night, Sept. 27, our church will begin having a time of prayer from 6-7 pm.  This prayer time will run through November’s election and perhaps beyond.  Come pray for FBC, our town, our state, and our nation.

2) BIG, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – We are working so hard to satisfy the preferences of our people.  Some of you WANT everyone to wear masks.  Some of you DO NOT WANT the mask ever again. Let me just say that I respect you.  Therefore, we will allow you the option, and we will work under these guidelines as a church for worship times:

  • If you DO NOT want to wear a mask in worship and you don’t mind sitting among people who are not wearing masks, we ask that you sit in the forward sections only.
  • If you DO want to wear a mask in worship and only feel comfortable sitting among people with masks, we are reserving the back sections for you.
  • The balcony will be a MASK ONLY area.
  • These rules will be in place for both the 8:30 am and 11:00 am services. This will allow you to still choose your preferred worship time.
  • Sunday School classes are allowed to make their own choice within their rooms. 

Let Nothing Divide Us,