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Pastor’s Update: June 11, 2020 (COVID-19)

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By admin

Dear FBC Family,

God blessed me with you! Thank you for being a part of a beautiful body of believers. Thank you for the joy I feel in this fellowship. Thank you for loving me and allowing me to love you. God is at work…Here are this week’s updates:

1) We continue to strive to make wise decisions in regard to the “RE-OPENING” of the church. We are well ahead of some sister congregations, while we are well behind others. We will continue to evaluate the situation and re-open safely and slowly.

2) We welcomed 2 MORE NEW CHURCH MEMBERS on Sunday! Welcome to Ted and Mary Snyder! Please join me and show this couple the love of our church family.

3) NURSERY CARE resumes this Sunday, June 14 at our 10:30am service only. We pray this is a help and support to our young families.

4) Last Sunday was another high-water mark for us. Let me share with you our growth. We re-opened 5 Sundays ago with a total attendance across the board of 201. This last Sunday we had grown to 282 in attendance from all worship services. I am THANKFUL more and more people are coming home! We are working hard to ensure safety, comfort, but most importantly a Christ-centered worship experience. Hope to see you back as soon as you can.

5) I’m also pleased that we continue to offer ONLINE WORSHIP for those who still need to be careful. Services start at 10:30am on Facebook and YouTube. Pre-service announcements begin at 10am.

6) Last WEDNESDAY NIGHT we began new Adult Bible Studies in English and Spanish and our youth were on the parking lot. We had more than 50 people participate in person in the Philippians study and an additional 10-15 participate online. We hope you might join us in the weeks to come at 6pm in the sanctuary. (Live feed will be available.)

7) Come this Sunday night for CHURCH CONFERENCE in the chapel. We have a very important decision to make, so please attend.

8) Our church motto is: BRING THEM IN! BUILD THEM UP! SEND THEM OUT! Ask God if He would have you go on one of these mission trips.

9) BIG STUDENT MINISTRY ANNOUNCEMENT: Youth Camp is set for July 16-19 at Latham Springs Baptist Encampment! REGISTER NOW.

10) Also, we continue to prepare for our hybrid (at home/at church) VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL! You can volunteer to HELP. The dates are June

He is Lord,