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Pastor’s Update: Great Reunion Cont’d

By admin

Pastor's Update

Dear FBC Family,

We continue to journey together in our GREAT REUNION!  We have 4 weeks behind us and 2 ahead of us!  This Sunday Steve Martinez will share about a UNIFYING CALL as Jeff shares with the Hispanic Fellowship about a UNIFYING ROLE. 

I recently read this…Wanted to share it with you:

As church attendance numbers fade across the nation and online services become very convenient (who doesn’t love not getting ready in the morning and staying home?!), it’s important to remember why church attendance for you and your family matters so much.

You can’t serve from your sofa.  You can’t have a community of faith on your sofa. You can’t experience the power of a roomful of believers worshipping together on your sofa.

Christians aren’t consumers either.  We are contributors.  We don’t watch. We engage. We give. We sacrifice. We encourage. We do life together.

The church needs you and you need the church!

Please come be a part of the church where you and your family can be a part of the community and use your talents to advance the Kingdom and reach others. To come alongside one another physically, not just through a screen. While I’m thankful for technology to keep people connected, it’s absolutely not like being in the building. Never will be.

Yes, church on the sofa is nice…But it will never be the same as church in the sanctuary!”

He Is Lord,