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Breakaway Wednesday ~ February 28, 2018

By admin


Hey parents, tonight at The Edge we will be having our first Breakaway Wednesday! What is that you ask? It is something we will be doing (generally) every 5th Wednesday where the students will experience something different. It is easy for us to get caught up in doing the same things over and over again in our lives, especially in church life. So every Breakaway Wednesday we will do something that breaks the mold of normal Wednesday nights. Tonight we are playing a game called Agree or Disagree. In reality it is actually more of a thinking exercise than it is a game but I will call it a game. We will set up 4 corners of the room. One corner will have a sign that says “agree”, another corner with “disagree” and then “strongly agree” and “strongly disagree”. I will be the moderator as well as playing the devils advocate (or the Holy Spirits advocate rather) as we play.

I will explain the game and then begin by making a statement such as, “Pizza is the best.”And the students will then go to whichever corner they subscribe to. I will then ask students to raise their hands and I will call on students to give their opinions on why they think pizza is the best or it is not and what is the best. Rinse and repeat after every statement. The statements will progressively get more serious such as “America should ban all firearms, agree or disagree?” “Jesus is the only way to Heaven, agree or disagree?” “You will not go to Heaven if you never share Christ with anyone else, agree or disagree?” As you can see, we will discuss some tough issues, and that is the point. This is designed to get your students thinking about more important stuff than video games and Instagram and it is also designed to help them critically think about and debate about differing views and opinions. I have done this multiple times and it has always been very good. I will always result back to truth in the end and what scripture says on each topic.

With all of that being said, be ready to ask your students about everything we talked about and have good discussions with them tonight or tomorrow. Also know that I will not talk about any topics that would lead to confusion if we do not land on a hard stance. For instance, homosexuality. I will not make any statements about homosexuality because I do not want to leave that topic up to open debate, we will talk about that among other topics in the future and we will look at what scripture definitively says on such topics. Just wanted to give all of you and update on our first Breakaway Wednesday! It is going to be very fun and thought provoking so get ready for some of your students brains to be like fried eggs tonight when you pick them up from church. If you receive any feedback from your students, share it with me, I would love to hear it! Thank you all for everything you do and I love you all.

In Christ, Logan