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Christmas Poinsettias


By admin

In Memory of:

Barbara Easley Abbe by Chris & Whitney Abbe
R W & Oreine Denbow Adams by the Steven Adams Family
Virgil Wheat by the Steven Adams Family
JD & Almeda Bray by David & Nanette Bray
Tom & Mary Lou Applewhite by Morris & Iroma Applewhite
Ira & Lahoma Clower by Morris & Iroma Applewhite
Lauren Applewhite by Morris & Iroma Applewhite
Buddy & Mildred Shook by Mike & Anele Richardson
Joe & Peggy Baumgartner by Mike & Anele Richardson
Bill Richardson by Mike & Anele Richardson
Frederick J Dressel III by Tammy Postlewait
San Juana Estrada by Gutierrez & Family
Vesta Fannin by Linda Fannin
John & Jeanne Harper by John & Denise Harper
Walter & Mary McDaniel by John & Denise Harper
Steve Stroube by John & Denise Harper
Betty Hulme by Jim Hulme
Ray Goodman by Sharon Goodman
Tomas Gutierrez by Tomas Isaiah Gutierrez
Mary Jane Jessup by Steven Jessup
James (Jim) D Jones by Sheryl Guardiani
Beverlye J Jones by Sheryl Guardiani
Janet & Doug Jordan by Dawn Coley & Family
David Coley by Dawn Coley & Family
Joyce Coley by Dawn Coley & Family
Jim and Denise Kendrick by the Gutierrez Family
Calvin Knauth by Patty Knauth
Colton Lee Knauth by Patty Knauth
Ed Formby by Patty Knauth
Billy Lassiter by Robbie Lassiter, Sharon & Barry
Robinson & Cheryl &Tim Wilson
Mac & Jo McClanahan by Chuck & Susan McClanahan
Adam McCoy by Michael and Sarah McCoy
Carole McNeil by Donny and Holly Willig
Dickey and Ron by Richard, Christina, Elijah and Ethan
Tim Tipton by Gloria Tipton, Children & Grandchildren
Leland Williams by Kenneth & Linda Williams family
Connie & Willie Winters by Phil & Darlene Judson
Nellie & Taylor Judson by Phil & Darlene Judson
Don Woolf by Carlene Woolf
Bill Woolsey by Doug, Marla & Chris Woolsey
Bobbie Mohundro by Chris & Whitney Abbe
Charles and Joanne Murphey & Van & Opal Lucas by Tom and Pattie Lucas
O E Permenter by Genell Permenter
John Phillips by Barbara, Brian and Carrie, David and Hanna & Grandchildren
John Phillips by Brian & Carrie Phillips and Family
Ava Nell Ponder by the Phillip Keltner Family
Jewell Rogers by Wayne Rogers
Madelene Youngblood by Wayne Rogers
Carolyn Stepps by Wayne Rogers
Sue Gutsman by Wayne Rogers
Emily Van Hook Middleton by Wayne Rogers
Vestal Southwick, by Wayne Rogers
Jane & Les Schreiber by Kathy Huffman
Jack & Mavie Smith by Jack & Peggy Smith
David and Luvena Owens by Jack & Peggy Smith
Ed Straubing by Hayden & Tiffany Richardson
Vicky Steele by Brent Steele & Family
David Bentz by Marjorie, Jessica, Krissi & Becca
Don & Jodie Bentz by Marjorie, Jessica, Krissi & Becca
Stan Roberts by Marjorie, Jessica, Krissi & Becca

In Honor of:

Danny & Charissa Reeves & Family by Morris & Iroma Applewhite
Barbara Phillips by Brian and Carrie Phillips and Family
Barbara Phillips by the Senior Adult 4 Ladies
Lola Seely by Loran & Donna Seely
Monica Castator by the Steven Adams Family
Mori, Matt, Braddock & Breagan Bell by Morris & Iroma Applewhite
Sharon Goodman by Senior Adult 4 Ladies
Taylor, Charlie & Dylan Pierce by Chuck & Susan McClanahan
Jan Risinger by J & Lucy Waterman
Jan Risinger by Alvis & Delores Reeves
Darrell & Cindy Shelton by Jan Risinger
Joe & Linda Allan by Jan Risinger
Lennox & Dallen, our great grandsons by Kenneth & Linda Williams