Prayer List

Summary of prayer needs. List is in alphabetical order.

Betty Bowden & Cindy Williams.

(Oct. 25, 2021) in the loss of husband and father, Son Bowden. Visitation is Wed. 5-7 pm at Corley’s and the funeral will be on Thursday, Oct. 28th at 10:00 am at First Baptist Church. The burial will be at Resthaven Memorial Park.

David Bray.

has severe bursitis in his hip causing the pain. He was given “the shot” and some meds. He will take PT and should be okay in a few months.

Chuck Burns.

(Oct. 25, 2021)has a radiation treatment today at 1:30. He will have 10 radiation treatments (5 this week and 5 next week).

(Oct. 14, 2021) the biopsy showed cancer so they are headed back to MDAnderson. He has appointments all day Thursday with the Radiation doctor, pacemaker check, Lymphoma, and Myeloma doctor, and plan the procedure appointments.

Paul Timothy Deveau (Victoria Bailey’s brother).

(Oct. 25, 2021) doing better after COVID; still trying to get energy back.

Marquette Hester.

(Oct. 19, 2021) has a urologist appt tomorrow concerning her cancer.

(Oct. 11, 2021) she has cancer in her right kidney. Also, she is needing a hernia repair. She is still somewhat unstable on her feet so pray that passes and she doesn’t fall and get hurt again.

Rene James (Steve Colburn’s Uncle).

(Sept. 21, 2021) diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

Margie Jewell.

(Oct. 19, 2021) having kidney stone surgery on Nov. 2nd.

(Sept. 22, 2021) she has several kidney stones according to the doctor. The largest is 8mm. The doctor said that one has a 20% chance of causing difficulty. If the others can be gotten under control and not get larger they will be much easier on her. All are currently still in her kidney(s). She has a bulging disk in the spine causing a pinched sciatic nerve.

Philip Keltner.

(Oct. 9, 2021) was transferred to the rehab facility. He is settled in and his physical therapy starts Monday.

(Oct. 8, 2021) still at Methodist, hoping to leave for Vibra (rehab facility) in Desota soon. He vomited once during the night and has 3 more times. This could set him back from leaving. Please pray that whatever is causing nausea & vomiting can be discovered and solved. For his peace of mind, hopefully, he won’t have to stay another night.

Bob LeMay.

(Oct. 4, 2021) was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia. Had infusion before going to Heritage Oaks. He is in a COVID Unit. Had some breathing treatments.

Susan McClanahan & Family.

(Oct. 25, 2021) in the loss of her mother, Beverly Lang.

Larry Reeves (Alvis Reeves’ brother).

got a lot of fluid drained from his lungs. He will have double hernia surgery this week. Pray that goes well. Then they will decide on a path for cancer in his throat/neck.

Wanda Tackett(Victoria Bailey’s neighbor).

(Oct. 25, 2021) recuperating from bypass surgery. She is still in hospital but did get out of ICU.

Gearldine Ulicnik (Rebecca Clopp’s Aunt).

(Oct. 13, 2021) has been diagnosed with cancer in her liver and in her bones. She has 70% blockage in her arteries. Because of cancer, she is not able to have surgery.

Alan Waldrop.

(Oct. 10, 2021) not doing well the last couple of days. He has a hard time swallowing and is still on a feeding tube.

Lewis Watkins.

(Oct. 10, 2021) he is very weak. Waiting for an update.

(Sept. 21, 2021) Margie spoke with Dr. Campbell. He found infection in several places in blood work, some spot-on lungs, it could be COVID indicator, blood clot or pneumonia, and his oxygen level dropping to 84 this morning. Up to 88 now. The doctor wants him to the emergency room now. At least we know something. Prayers.

(Sept. 20, 2021) he went to the ER last Friday. No COVID, but severe dehydration. She just sent this: Well just wanted to update. We are back at the hospital. His Dr. wants to do EKG and more tests. I got brit to run from school to help me load him. Prayers, please. He had brain fog so bad today and throwing up. He kept getting up and trying to wander off w a dead stare in his eyes.

Donna Whittenburg.

(Oct. 19, 2021) hopefully, on Friday she’ll get staples out and have a walking cast put on.

(Oct. 5, 2021) fell and broke her ankle. She had surgery and is recovering at home. Please pray for quick healing.

Linda Williams.

(Oct. 14, 2021) her appointment has been moved until Oct. 26. She still has a swollen knee and is in pain.  Please pray for comfort. 

Additional Prayer Concerns

HOMEBOUND. pray for homebound and nursing home family & friends and their caregivers.

MILITARY. family & friends and their families.

LEADERS. our president & government leaders in making decisions for our country.

HURTING FAMILIES. pray for families from job losses and income not coming in; PTL for all those who are trying to help meet needs.

CHURCH LEADERSHIP. Children’s minister search committee and the youth minister search committee.