Adult Bible Study

How much time are you spending with the One who created you, who loves you, and who cares for you? Regular Bible study is essential to your spiritual health. Once a week is not enough, but it’s a start. We invite you to join a small group Bible study. Our small groups are a fantastic way to study God’s Word and encourage one another through prayer and fellowship.

Young Adults

Watson Class
20-30s (Singles, & Couples)

Wallen Class
25-45s (Singles & Couples)

Payne Class
25-45s (Singles & Couples)

Median Adults

Fitzhugh Class
30-50s (Singles & Couples)

Kasprzyk Class
40-60s (Singles & Couples)

Murray Class
40-60s (Singles & Couples)

Gage Class
50-70s (Singles & Couples)

Castator Class
50-70s (Singles & Couples)

Senior Adults

Smith Class
50-70s (Women)

Adams Class
60-80s (Singles & Couples)

Clark Class
60-90s (Singles & Couples)

Bigler & Price Class
70-80s (Women)

Blackman & Brown Class
70-80s (Men)

Huffman Class
70-90s (Women)

70-90s (Women)

Ingham Class
70-90s (Men)

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