A Wonderful Prayer Tool

Ceaseless Prayer…

I’m always looking for tools to help me organize my prayer life. Truthfully, COVID-19 has helped a lot. A few weeks ago, I discovered a wonderful little app—a prayer tool for my phone (here’s the backstory of the developer). Once installed, the app connects and syncs with your contacts and then on a daily basis reminds you to pray for a set number of people. You can adjust the number of people from three to seven.



The Ceaseless Prayer app has a place to add notes so it functions wonderfully as a simple personal prayer journal. It’s easy to send an email or text message directly from the app; this let’s you encourage people you’ve prayed for and also ask for prayer requests. In addition, you can mark favorites and these show up more frequently; I’ve made the people in my Bible Study class favorites. There’s a daily reminder that you can set to alert you when it’s most convenient to pray—for me during morning Bible study.

What If…

…we all prayed for three to seven people EVERY day. Can you imagine the impact? Click on the infographic below to find out more.